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Web Development

Our design services includes everything from small basic websites to advanced online shops. We specialise in WordPress sites because of it’s cost efficiency and flexibility, but we have other aces up our sleeve if need be.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We will help you find your clients online and the other way around. With best practices, technology and information you will generate more leads and/or more sales online. Search Engine Optimization is to (but not limited to) optimize your website and content to how the Search Engines function.

Keyword Research

This is maybe the single most important tool to increase search traffic (from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) to your website. Preferably, this should be done already in the planning stage of your new website, but it’s never to late to improve. We have the tools and know-how to get you started or we can offer to do the work for you.

Facebook Development

Depending on your business, Facebook can prove to be your most important online marketing tool. There are many additional functions and add-ons that can improve the way you communicate with your potential clients. As with all first impressions, they are not possible to make again so why not make the most out of it!

We can of course help with other social media networks as well.

Marketing Strategy

If you are serious about making the most out of your marketing budget, we can guide you to ways of doing it. Website, Facebook and Twitter, online and traditional advertising, stationary, Youtube and email marketing are all good ways but there are many more ways. A real Marketing Strategy brings it all together and creates synergies in between the different methods.

Graphic Design

This is how we started 20 years ago. We can create a logo or a full graphic profile for your business. Our design services can deal with everything from your company façade , business cards, signs, advertisement, invoice- and letter heads – to interior decorating your office and company vehicles, photo shoots, dressing your staff, creating promotional video and company events… We can help you with it all.


What our in-house design services do not cover, we have specialist partners all around the world we work with.

Please contact us with your inquiry or to find out more.

I’ve found Fredrik to be an excellent communicator, friendly, honest & reliable. Fredrik recently designed & completed my website (with SEO) & also designed my logo. He completely understood my vision & the outcome was far beyond my expectations! His advice has been valuable & even now (following completion of the project) he continues to assist me when needed. In conclusion, I highly recommend Fredrik for any web design project.
Tania Gordon

Photographer, Tania Gordon Photography

About Us

Gaia Design specializes in design and development of WordPress websites with built in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Today almost anyone can build their own website, but not everyone knows how to get the right traffic from search engines.

As a client to Gaia Design you will get some easy-to-use tools and tailored ideas how to market your website in order to get quality traffic.

In Bali we can find the peace and quiet and closeness to nature that we want for our creative work…

At the same time it’s a very artistic environment inspiring painters, wood and stone carvers, music, song and dance… craftsmen and travelers from all over the world are visiting this beautiful place while ancient animistic and religious rites are daily executed by thousands of people…

It’s with no hesitation one of the most creative environments on earth…

We are proud of our diverse client base from Australia in the east to USA and Canada in west, and invite you to try us out.

Welcome to Gaia Design…

Our name

Grandmother Earth… Mother of the universe… the Creator of everything… These are all parts of what Gaia is…

In Greek mythology Gaia is the primal goddess of the earth giving birth to all the other gods. Literary it’s earth (ge) and grandmother (aia)…

In Indian religions, the Mother of all creations called “Gaiatri”, surprisingly close to Gaia…

Our logo


The circle and the globe…

The oldest known symbol for eternity is the circle…

It continues round and round forever…

It’s represented by the globe, Gaia herself.


A queen giving birth is the creator of life. She has been carrying and nurturing the baby inside her for 9 months…

We can’t give you children but we create, nurture and develop ideas and finally do the hard labour for you…


The flower is one of nature’s most beautiful creations…

It’s attracts man and woman from all cultures who appreciate the beauty and ambience that flowers bring…

It uses colours and sweet nectars to attract insects to help with pollination…


Seeds are the future of growth. Without them not much can live.

We give you the seeds and the tools for your growth.

But it’s also up to you to give water and remove some weed every once in a while…

Gaia will help you grow…